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Why register as a developer?

Registering as a developer is free, and allows you to feature your projects on the EAMIR Projects website menu. Contact us below to begin the process!


Guidelines for Featured Projects

We, as a community, ask that all projects meet the following criteria:

-easily implementable using typical components (Mac, PC, tablet, etc.), and other off-the-shelf components (MIDI device, game controller, ready-made maker kit, etc.); users should not be expect to solder, program micro-controllers, or hack hardware or software in order to implement your project.

-no advertisements, in-apps purchase add-ons, demo-versions, or other feature-locked mechanisms in your project that require a purchase or refer to a "pro" version

-upload a standalone application or some kind; disseminating source code with your project is not required, though we, as a community, prefer projects written in Max/MSP/Jitter or that utilize Max for Live / Ableton Live.

The Max Objects Database is a directory for identifying third-party objects written for Max/MSP/Jitter by members of the Max community. Easily find objects, patches, applications, Max for Live devices, and more from Max universe (Max/MSP, Jitter).