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Donations = grants to the community = more free resources

EAMIR is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization. Financial support allows us to give that money right back to the EAMIR community of educators, researchers, and developers through our grants. Grants for the community help keep the active flow of free resources available on the EAMIR site. You can even become a corporate sponsor!


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We need your idea!

Here's how it works: you come up with the idea for a project you'd like to seee: a new technology, tech-based music resources for classroom, a research project--whatever! Then, raise funds for your campaign! When the project is fully-supported, the funds will be given to developers, musicians, educators, and researchers within the EAMIR community through our grants to see your idea become a reality! 


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Support the ideas of EAMIRies in the community!

EAMIR community members post their ideas as new projects, then they rely on friends, family, colleagues, and YOU to help make it happen! Look for some of the new projects that are seeking support, and help them out! Once those projects are supported, developers in the community apply to complete those projects through our grants process. 


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Educators + Developers + Musicians + Researchers + You! = EAMIR

Contribute your skills! EAMIR is a truly collaborative effort between educators, developers, musicians, researchers., and others committed to making tech-based advances in music-making freely available to the world. So help us out by sharing your intellect with us!

Don't know anyone? It all begins by registering for free, then saying Hi on the forum!


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Sponsor a new grant

Sponsoring a grant = new EAMIR frontier

Want to see the EAMIR community tackle a specific problem? Sponsor a grant! You specify the terms and we post a new grant on our site passing 100% of the funds to grant applicants within the EAMIR community. Simple! We'll even name the grant after you!


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