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EAMIR is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization and open-source project that supports musicianship through accessible, technology-based musical instruments and systems. Founded in 2007, the EAMIR project is dedicated to developing free, easily replicable systems that support musicianship through innovative technology and implementing those solutions in novel, educational ways. In addition to our own software development efforts, we offer grants and support to:

  • Provide comprehensive, accessible systems and educational resources to educators, researchers, and everyone else!
  • Support developers to create innovative systems for the EAMIR community through the guidance of the community!
  • Support educators to learn to develop their own software-based systems to support their pedagogical ideas!


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We are an organization that believes that the emerging technologies of each generation can have in impact in the way music is made from the instruments to the pedagogies.
We are not an organization interested in writing hundreds of lesson plans so that a teacher can put a computer or a tablet in their music classroom and use it in some perfunctory educational manner. There are no membership fees or licensing fees for EAMIR because we're also not interested in making any money that we can't give right back to our community through grants, and this money comes from our generous donors. Our board and community is composed of music educators, and we know how difficult it can be to afford good resources. Our resources are completely free to everyone and hopefully accessible to non-techies, but we, as an organization, want to encourage, elevate, and educate individuals to develop and implement technology in incredible ways. Get in the game! Program or be programmed!
We want new strategies, instruments, and pedagogies that emerge from new technology AS WELL AS technology that facilitates existing pedagogies. We strive for simplified software and projects to help bring acessibility to music-making, but we are not into dumbing anything down...not music, not education, and not technology. We need you to love what you do enough to teach yourself, and then the community, how to develop and implement technology in novel ways. You can do it!


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We provide open-source software and systems that facilitate musicianship free-of-charge to the world support. Additionally, we provide grants and other support for:

  • Educators to implement technology in their classes in novel ways
  • Developers to create new, accessible musical instruments that define new pedagogies or facilitate traditional ones
  • Research teams to devise new methods, implementations, and observations and influence future development


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  • Developing free applications and source code to facilitate musicianship
  • Maintaining a free, open-source software development kit (EAMIR SDK) to encourage new software development by the EAMIR community
  • Providing resources and instruction for educators to learn to develop their own custom software
  • Maintaining a forum to promote new ideas among educators, developers, and others
  • Providing grants for educators, researchers, and developers to create new, open-source projects
  • Providing a platform for developers to showcase and promote their projects for educators and others to implement in their respective learning environments


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EAMIR runs entirely from the support of community donations and corporate sponsors. For more information about becoming an EAMIR Corporate Sponsor, please contact us. To support our efforts, please consider making a donation.




EAMIR Board of Directors



The EAMIR project was founded in 2007. Since that time, it has grown from an open-source community of educators and developers into a grant-giving, non-profit organization; still 100% free, and still 100% community-driven.


Executive Board of Directors

V.J. Manzo, President & Founder

Will Kuhn, Vice President

Raquel Fernandes, Secretary

Rick Dammers, Treasurer

Dan Manzo, Officer

Frederick Bianchi, Officer


Corporate Sponsors & Affiliates


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