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EAMIR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization and open-source project that supports composition, performance, education, and research through accessible technology-based musical instruments. We accomplish this through our community of educators, researchers, musicians, and developers dedicated to creating free, open-source, and easily implementable systems that support musicianship in classrooms, care facilities, and performance venues through innovative technology developed by and through the EAMIR community. All software, lesson plans, documentation, and source code are available for free from the eamir.org website and provide a wealth of resources for tech-based musicianship in practical applications, as well as the developer resources, research literature, and forum expertise to create new systems that support music-making.

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EAMIR is a 100% free, charity organzation and volunteer-run. Get connected to EAMIR! Got a project idea? Team up with a developer in our community? Want to see your technology implemented in a  classroom! Team up with some of the educators and researchers in our community! View the unique projects our community has developed--all free to use for non-commerical use! Thinking of a large-scale project? Through generous donations from the community and industry sponsors, we give that money right back to the community to fund projects through our grants.

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Join the EAMIR community and submit your own project among the other free, open-source resources. Programmer? EAMIR is and always will be a 100% free, 501c3 non-profit charity organization!


EAMIR also offers grants and support to 1) provide comprehensive systems to educators and researchers, and 2) support developers and aspiring developers to create innovative systems for the EAMIR community.

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EAMIR has been and always will be a 100% free project helping people make music with ease through technology. Get involved!